Criminal Defense Lawyer Sergey Mikhlin

Sergey Mikhlin is an experienced Wrentham DUI Attorney, who has successfully defended many clients in the Wrentham District Court. If you were arrested for DUI or OUI in the Wrentham area, call Sergey Mikhlin right away. He is available 24/7 at (508) 271-77-81 for free consultations.

Wrentham DUI Attorney

Aggressive lawyer and attorney Sergey Mikhlin understands how long it takes to successfully represent a client charged with a crime or criminal offense. The areas of practice our attorneys handle include, but are not limited to, the following:

* Assault and Battery

* Bench Warrants

* Drug Crimes

* Domestic Violence

* DUI Defense

* Expungements

* Murder / Manslaughter

* Probation Violations

* Restraining Orders

* Sex Crimes

* Theft Crimes

* Traffic Offenses

* Shoplifting

Although the American justice system is built to offer protection to individuals facing criminal charges, there are still ample opportunities for a person’s rights to be violated at any point in the criminal process – through the arrest, investigation and trial. By representing clients arrested for and charged with DUI, assault, domestic violence or other crimes in Massachusetts, the criminal defense lawyer Sergey Mikhlin fight to protect the rights of Americans throughout the country.

The experienced attorney at Sergey Mikhlin understand that an individual facing a conviction is facing a myriad of life-altering penalties: fines, jail time, state prison sentence, probation, community service, and sex offender registration. The effects a criminal conviction can have upon a person’s future are also severe. Alienation from friends and family, a damaged reputation and the inability to find employment are all possible effects an individual may face.  As such, the Massachusetts criminal defense attorney at Sergey Mikhlin take the necessary time and care with each case they take on in order to provide the best legal service possible.

The instant an individual understands that he or she may be facing criminal charges is the moment to consult an criminal defense attorney. This may be after an arrest, accusation or when served a warrant to search property. Even when contacted for police questioning, it is possible that a person may be a suspect in a police investigation. An attorney can review the particular situation an individual is facing and provide legal counsel accordingly.

Criminal Defense