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Must I speak to an attorney when I have been informed of my being a target of an investigation?

It is of the utmost urgency that a person have the immediate assistance of a trusted and competent attorney immediately upon even the mere belief of government targeting or focusing on an individual.

Can I reason with the questioning authorities into realizing that I’m innocent or that they are making a serious mistake?

The authorities are not interested in your opinion or your belief in the truth. They have an agenda and are going to try to make your answers fit into that agenda whether you like it or not!

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Can I get into criminal trouble for my business dealings?

This is a new and dangerous age we are living in. What has always been considered corporate behavior, or “just business”, is now being criminalized. Prosecutors are aggressively seeking to criminalize acts of commercial business and investments that have failed or have gone wrong. Business losers are placing more emphasis on the criminal prosecution of their losses than on the civil remedies that have always been available to them.

Can I still have a fair chance at trial even if they have me tape recorded in a compromising situation or giving incriminating statements?

It is not uncommon in today’s prosecutorial zealotry to “set-up” otherwise innocent people. People who would never have committed a crime are becoming the targets of these “stings” and are actually being enticed into committing a crime. This behavior is both reprehensible and illegal by the government and the accused has a valid and legitimate defense. Most people don’t realize that the government has been involved in a cottage industry of providing money to despicable miscreants who prey on innocent citizens in order to ensnare them into their traps for criminal convictions. They act much like fishermen, dangling bait in front of an unsuspecting person in order to catch him or her for the Government.

What effect does a particular lawyer have on the outcome of a trial?

The lawyer can make an enormous impact on the outcome of a trial. In a case where the evidence is weak against the accused, a bad or lazy lawyer can miss crucial issues and opportunities for victory and turn an otherwise strong case into a disaster for the accused.

In a strong case for the Prosecution, a good lawyer, who does his investigation and preparation properly, and has the right experience, can find the weaknesses in the evidence and testimony of key prosecution witnesses. It is the skill of the lawyer that can extract the most minute pieces of other wise missed facts or evidence and turn it into a major issue of credibility and reasonable doubt.

CROSS EXAMINATION is a major tool of the trial lawyer. It is the great equalizer of the truth. A good cross-examination will bring out and test the truth of the testifying witness, even when it seems like the testimony cannot be challenged.

While there are no two examples of cross examination which are alike, most good crosses share in the common denominator of being both persuasive and controlling. It shifts the focus from the harmful testimony given to the wrongful motivations behind it which cause it to be suspicious and un-trustworthy.


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