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General Assault and Battery Criminal Defense Information

When a person is convicted of an assault or battery criminal charge, they may not only be awarded various fines or penalties, but also be left with a permanent criminal history that may present obstacles such as finding employment, or renting an apartment / home, or education opportunities. A felony conviction will also result in the loss of certain basic civil rights, such as your right to vote, obtain or possess a passport, sit on a jury, or own / possess a firearm… just to name a few.

An assault occurs when an action or a threat places someone in imminent fear of a non-consensual touching. Assault does not involve physical contact. Defense of assault charges sometimes include self-defense, defense of others, and defense of property.

Battery can be defined as an intentional act of harmful or offensive touching of someone without permission. Accidental contact, no matter how severe, is not considered battery. To be charged with battery, the person who was physically harmed does not have to require medical treatment.

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 265, Section 13A

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Sergey Mikhlin is an experienced Massachusetts DUI Attorney, who has successfully defended many clients in the Massachusetts. If you were arrested for DUI or OUI in the Massachusetts, call Sergey Mikhlin right away. He is available 24/7 at (508) 271-7781 for free consultations.

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Mitsie Murphy
Mitsie Murphy
00:51 09 Jul 21
Attorney Mikhlin was affordable and worth every penny. He was available to meet right away to discuss the case. He... explained the situation clearly in laymen terms. He shared his strategy ahead of time to get confirmation on the plan. More than anything, his demeanor and professionalism was amazing. As I was dealing with a frustrating issue and unaware of all the legal aspects; yet he made a point to share reassuring and comforting words. He was a overall a decent person who showed concern for not just the case but the impact it would have on our lives. He even went through what to expect in court, and answered every question even the most stupid ones. He understood the hardship I was dealing with and did everything to make me feel comfortable. I was glad to have him on my more
02:46 02 Nov 20
Sergey mikhlin met with us and spent as much time as we needed to really understand what our situation was and what he... could do for us. Any time we called he answered our concerns and always kept us updated. He was genuine and professional and got us the best results more
Nikolay Andreev
Nikolay Andreev
22:41 23 Oct 20
I hired attorney Mikhlin to help me out in a criminal matter. From the first phone call until my case was dismissed,... Sergey was very responsive, efficient, professional, and, most importantly, effective. He managed to get my case dismissed, allowing me to keep a clean criminal record. I would highly recommend Attorney Mikhlin to anyone who needs a criminal defense more
Dave ***
Dave ***
21:38 04 Aug 20
I called attorney Mikhlin regarding my case. He listed to my case, read my documents carefully, and I found him a very... caring, knowledgeable and astute lawyer. He did call me a couple of times to my requests promptly. I was not his client officially, but he is indeed an excellent lawyer. He fights for more
Anastasiya Demba
Anastasiya Demba
14:33 27 Jan 20
Attorney Mikhlin was fantastic! He helped me every step of the way and made himself available night and day, every day... of the week. He clearly cares for all of his clients and wants to represent them in the way that they deserve. I will definitely be recommending Attorney Mikhlin to anyone who asks!read more
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith
14:35 15 Jan 20
I would highly recommend Sergey Mikhiln to anyone facing criminal matters involving domestic abuse or the likeI had a... very complicated situation involving a very conniving ex girlfriend who relapsed on opiates. She wouldn’t vacate my home and as an act of desperation fabricated a DALaws in Ma are very strong in favor of “the victim “, especially in a male vs female accusationI was removed from my home while she stayed there on my dime for almost a yearSergey was prepared knowledgeable and always cool under pressureWe were prepared to go to trial but the “victim “ showed up too high to testify and when she finally came out of it told the court she didn’t want to testifyDidn’t want to perjur herself is more like itSo the case was dismissed before trial which is beat case scenario, but had we gone to trial, not only did I feel Sergey was fully prepared I was fully confident the case would be dismissedHuge thank you and my strongest recommendations to anyone ever in need of legal councilread more
P. B.
P. B.
21:59 18 Dec 19
Sergey, truly thank you for professional treatment of my case.A complicated case involving family and... pushing.Sergey came up with a masterful defense which definitely helped in my case.I recommend Sergey for any criminal case.My case was dismissed before trial which was the best possible outcome.You want this guy in your corner, smart, knows the system and the courts and fought hard for me, tough and persuasive!Sergey Mikhlin is my lawyer ongoing no doubt if ever the need comes up!read more
Dmitriy Svirskiy
Dmitriy Svirskiy
15:04 07 Nov 19
I want to say thank you to Mr. Mikhlin who represented me on assault and battery charges. I am very satisfied with my... experience. Mr. Mikhlin is a true professional and very through. Due to his diligence we were able to win the trail. He was with me every step of the way and made sure that I felt comfortable. He impressed me with his knowledge of criminal law, attention to detail, integrity and hard work ethic. I highly recomend more
lia p
lia p
03:20 26 Sep 19
Trusting Caring Lawyer and WE WON!!He sincerely cared about my case and what I was going through. He was extremely... responsive whenever I needed him. He went above and beyond. He is very fair with pricing and it was worth every penny. He is extremely knowledgeable and I believe he had prior experience working as a DA. I told him the truth, for I really got myself in trouble and looked guilty for leaving the scene of an accident and everything pointed to me being guilty. I even further incriminated myself went to the cops against his counsel and lied to them. However, he got the entire story from me and he believed in me and what I said. He believed I was innocent no matter how much I looked guilty. The clerk had it out for me and kept looking at my record with intent to issue a complaint. My attorney stuck to the facts showed him the pictures of no damage and the clerk dismissed them saying it could be any pole. My lawyer persisted and showed my phone calls to AAA right after the accident and my Lyft ride to prove I was on scene for an hour. He told the clerk the truth in regards to my lying to the police, which was I elaborate the truth when I get nervous and made it seem worse than it was. The clerk said I got an excellent lawyer because he was going to issue a complaint and did not that day. We won!!! I high recommend him he is the best. He really cares and will fight for you!read more
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Assault and Battery in Brockton

In some States, Assault and Battery are not divided into two separate classifications of criminal offenses, they are the same crime, with different degrees of Assault or Battery charges, depending on the State.

When law enforcement investigates allegations of assault and/or battery, many times eyewitnesses may not have observed the event in question from the start of the altercation, reporting only what they observed and who they perceived as the aggressor.

Since law enforcement initially focuses on restoring order, due attention is not always given to fully investigate the assault and/or battery incident, sometimes resulting in the arrest of an innocent person who acted in self-defense or was protecting another person.

An Assault and/or Battery crime may be charged as a misdemeanor or felony crime, depending upon the evidence mounted against the accused. If convicted of an assault or battery charge, the conviction may result in:

Hefty fines
Lengthy terms of probation
Potential jail or prison time
Community service
Forfeiture of certain basic civil rights (for felony convictions).
Anyone requiring professional legal services regarding assault and/or battery charges or other criminal defense issues should be proactive in protecting their legal rights and seek the legal advice of an experienced assault and battery defense attorney, lawyer, or law firm.


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